Downloaded image not showing in the image viewer

Hello guys, I've noticed something strange regarding image viewer widget.  Our application retrieving the images from clint's ERP. In this case, the images have the resolution 3264x2448.  From the browsers (if you use the app form the browser), images are shown properly, but if we open the Hybrid application, then the viewer won't show the image. If the same image is uploaded from the Hybrid application (cameraPhonGap widget), then the image viewer will show the image properly (Image quality 1024x768).  Browser:  - iOS version: 12.1.1 Is there something I can change in order to fix this or I'm doing something wrong?  Thank you in advance :)
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Hello guys, 

Since the ticket regarding this problem was discussed with Mendix Support, the solution for this issue is upgrading the Hybrid application to the latest Hybrid release (4.0.0/4.0.0) since there are several fixes and improvements which resolving this issue also.