Pushnotifications FCM

The playstore now requires to target android SDK level 27. For this reason I am considering to generate a new hybrid app package from mx cloud and re-customize it. We use pushnotifications module V2.2.3 and already use FCM voor android pushnotifications (APN for iOS). Is it really necessary to upgrade pushnotifications module to latest version  3.0.1 ??? From the release notes I get the impression this is necessary, not sure though because V2.2.3 supports FCM already. "If your Mendix apps employ push notifications, it is essential that you migrate your app to this version a.s.a.p. A strict requirement for this is that you also build and release a new version of your mobile apps (.apk and .ipa) based on the latest hybrid app package. Please follow the instructions on https://docs.mendix.com."
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