Hybrid phone app throws irregularly a connection error occured, please try again with only fix in restarting app

We have a phonegap app (Mx 7.18) running on Android Marshmallow (6.x) tablets (Panasonic Toughpad). Irregularly, but mostly after inactivity, the Mendix phonegap app returns at every action “A connection error occured, please try again later”. When this occurs other connected apps on the same device are functioning correctly, and peer colleagues do not have issues. The only workaround is to kill the app on the device and restart this. Any clues where to look at?
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Could you try with Mendix 7.22.2? There has been a fix in 7.20.0 about apps locking or becoming non-functional after inactivity. As 7.20 has some known issues, you might want to fast forward to 7.22.2. Test this in a branch or a local copy so you can easily revert in case of test issues.