Signature widget problem - 3.2.2v

Hello guys,    I've noticed the problem during writing signature on this widget. It seems that there is some delay. If you try to write signature or something another faster (I'd say normal) then there is a delay.  You have to write really slow in order to write signature on documents without mistake.    There were no changes related to this widget in past and I cannot conclude what went wrong. The modeler we use is 6.10.3 and at this moment Hybrid release 4.0.5 - 4.0.0.    Do you have any idea what is the problem? The strange is that on iPhone 6s all work as well, but on other devices not (Android, iPhone XR...)?    This issue exists on the following devices:  - iPad2 (iOS 9.3.5)  - iPhone Xr (iOS 12.1.4)  - iPhone X (iOS 12.1.4)  - iPadMini 2 (iOS 12.1.4)  Kind regards, David
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Hi guys, 

I've discussed this question with Mendix support and it seems that there is no solution for this issue. The Signature widget has not been updated since last 3 years and is recommended to use a new one (Signature) from the app store (this is possible if you use Mendix 7.13 or above versions of Mendix). 
This widget is based on React and should have a better performance.


The solution provided by Mendix support and this solved the delay. 

The lag is happening because Mendix hybrid apps on iOS take a screenshot of the page on every touch. It does this to show a 'nice' swipe to go back to animation. The side effect of this is that taking that screenshot completely blocks the user interface for 100-200 milliseconds. Therefore the workaround is to remove the following line from the file config.xml that makes Cordova plugin to take the screenshots:

<plugin name="com.darktalker.cordova.screenshot" source="npm" spec="0.1.6" />
After that, the app should be much more responsive to user interaction and the lag when drawing the signature should disappear.