Pushnotifications action on device not working.

Hi all,   We configured and implemented PushNotifications for a Mobile app. For both Android and iOS we use Google FCM.  We trigger Pushnotifications from Scheduled events and all of our customers receive successfully the pushnotifications on their mobile devices. For some notification types, we use 'actions', configured in the Pushnotification snippet in the modeler. For example, we would like to welcome customers and send them to a specific page, which needs a object ID (GUID) as page paramater.  See the printscreen as an example.     In our scheduled event that triggers the Pushnotification, we retrieve the correct object ID (GUID) and use this as input for the Send Message action. So far so good.   During testing however, we experience some trange behaviour:   All of our users receive a pushnotification.  On click action, some users are redirected to the correct page (Success). On click action, some users are redirected to the homepage (Fail). When sending more Pushnotification batches, we see that it is completely random if a user is redirected to the correct page or to the Homepage of the app. The first time you can be redirected to the correct page, the second time you are redirected to the default home page.  We do not see any difference in behaviour between OS or Software version of the devices.   Does someone has experience with pushnotifications in combination with 'actions’? Or have you experience some similar problems? Please let me know.   Thanks in advance.   BR,   Rick        
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