Pass SSO token from Hybrid App to WebView (iOS)

I am trying to figure how to pass SSO token information from a iOS hybrid app to another mendix application opened within webview. The intent of this hybrid app is to provide a platform to launch other mendix apps with mobile capabilities. We would like the users to sign in only once into the main hybrid app and not ask them to sign in into individual apps opened from hybrid app. in Android we don’t have this issue because the sso token information is stored and passed on to each app In iOS user is prompted to enter password each time user clicks on app within iOS hybrid app even after user is signed to hybrid app using SSO.  Can anyone suggest or have any thoughts on how to approach this iOS SSO issue?    
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You can not simply pass a token to a webview: the webview does not allow this. (at least, the last time i looked at it)

What you can do is pass a parameter via a url. If you can make the destination application accept the url parameter as login token, then you have a plan.

I have implemented and gone to production with this once, so it is possible. But it wasn't easy and it was not in a Mendix application.