Hybrid phone app never goes online

Hey everyone, we’re currently implementing a hybrid app that should be able to boot either into online or offline mode, based on current internet connectivity. After building an APK-file the standard recommended way (DEPLOY → Mobile App → Publish for Mobile App Stores → Build in the cloud), we found out that the installed Android app always boots into offline-mode, even when connected to the internet, even when “Enable offline capabilities?” was left unchecked, which should have made it impossible to even use the offline profile – in my understanding. The only way to prevent this from happening is to delete the offline-profile, but that leaves us with not being able to use the app offline – right now, we see ourselves in an all-or-nothing-scenario. Has anyone else had this problem or an idea how to fix it?
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Even if it is technically possible, I would advice you to stick with either an online or offline approach.
The offline approach currently relies on an uptodate local database (on the phone), which will be updated when synchronized. Being in an online mode will lead to inconsistencies.

In the near future, with Mendix 8 you can finetune or implement your own synchronization logic,
via which you can make it more efficient.