Offline Application - synchronization issue

Hello guys,    We are trying to migrate our application from Mx 6.10.3 to Mx7.23.4.  There is an issue related to the offline application. We have a simple offline application and it works as well with 6.10.3 version. The synchronization is working without problems when you press the sync button. The problem occurs in 7.23.4 version where the synchronization doesn’t work anymore. There are no errors in Log (tried to test in a local environment with offline ipa, however, there are no errors) and don’t see what was wrong here. Any experience with this?  There were no changes related to offline and there are no nanoflowes.   Translation (error): “Synchronizing your changes has failed. To allow you to continue, the changes have been undone.”   Edit (16-05-209, 09:10pm): Debugged ipa via Safari browser and found the following error: [Error] Error: Could not synchronize data t — mxui.js:22844 (anonymous function) — mxui.1.js:5:15787 w — mxui.js:30746 (anonymous function) — mxui.js:30728 (anonymous function) — mxui.js:30761 w — mxui.js:30746 t — mxui.js:30771 (anonymous function) — mxui.js:30778 promiseReactionJob         (anonymous function) (cordova.js:1732)         (anonymous function) (mxui.js:79:49463)         (anonymous function) (mxui.js:79:48844)         forEach         log (mxui.js:79:48817)         error (mxui.js:79:48542)         onError (mxui.js:79:24069)         advice (mxui.js:5:54086)         a (mxui.js:5:53872)         (anonymous function) (mxui.js:87:158728)         $ (mxui.js:46:6461)         n (mxui.js:46:6233)         (anonymous function) (mxui.js:20:8447)         y (mxui.js:46:156601)         promiseReactionJob Thanks in advance.   
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No real solution, but you could try setting the synchronization and connection bus loggers to trace.


Mendix 7 is more restrictive on entity access. Maybe you create an object offline in such a way that the user has no access to it according to domain model access.

Or you attempt to upload a new image where the user has insufficient access rights.


These loggers usually have some info about this. At least you will find the last SQL statement before it failed, should help point you in the right direction.