Distribute updates for your iOS app

Hi, we're trying to distribute our iOS app outside of the appstore using the Apple Developer Program for enterprises. With this method, your binary (.ipa file) will be hosted on a server, and you'll give a URL to the users of your choice which gives them access in https.  I understand that this method allows you to distribute your app on first install, but I'm not sure how to manage updates of your mobile app. Does Mendix provide a solution to check for your mobile version and update if necessary? Anyone experience with managing and distributing apps outside of the appstore?
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I have done these steps in the past with a client of ours. The setup is quite a hassle because the client needs to enroll in the Enterprise Program and they are responsible for the distribution of the new version. At your side the steps are not so different then to the normal app store. You just release a new version of your app. I am not familiar with the steps they had to do to publish this new release to their devices.

Hope this helps a bit.