Problems using images and icons in mobile application

Hi   I’ve built a mobile application and I’m trying to display our companies logo in the header. The logo.svg is located in /ProjectRoot/theme/img/logo.svg and it’s working fine in the desktop version of the app. However, when I build the mobile app the logo is not displayed.   I noticed the images and icons were not present in the phonegap build under /root/www/img/ So I manually placed the images there but still no succes. The logo does not display correctly.   So my question is: Firstly ,how can I use images and icons in my mobile app. And secondly, is there a way so the images automatically get added to the phonegap build? Maybe trough manipulation of the components.json in the theme folder?   Kind regards   EDIT Problem: the problem 
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I have found the problem and a solution myself.

Problem: svg files are not shown correctly in a mobile app when using a relative src path

Solution: provide the absolute path for the src of the svg file. A little bit a javascript was needed to alter the src so it worked correctly for all the environments