How to create a deployment package for Mendix Native?

Hi there, We've just created an app which we would like to deploy for demo purposes. The app is developed in Mendix 8 and the native profile we would like to deploy and install on a mobile device, both Android and iOS. I haven't found this in the documentation yet. Has anyone got some more information to achieve this? Preferably unsinged to start with.  Thanks.
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Hey Bart, 

Have you seen this item in the release notes:

  • Mendix native mobile apps can only be viewed using the Make It Native app. Throughout the beta program, we will add support to create standalone apps (for example, Android APK or iOS IPA) that can be distributed using your preferred distribution channel (for example, Google Play or the Apple App Store).
  • Running and testing native mobile apps is currently only supported locally (meaning, from Mendix Studio Pro). Currently, app projects with a Native phone profile cannot be deployed to the cloud. This will be fixed with the next beta release.

There’s now a guide available to build react native packages:



For now this is not possible. The deployment should come in a later release of Mendix 8.0.0. Probably wait another month or so, but check with Mendix for official timelines.