Build multiple Apps with Adobe Phonegap

Hi, I have created my first apk with Adobe Phonegap and used my free Adobe ID. All fine. But now I want to create an apk for a next project and it appears I can have only one app that free account. When I call Adobe for upgrading to a paid account, they offer me Adobe XD, which is, as far as I can see, not handy to just build an apk. So I created a new Adobe ID, just for that new app but when I use the project page to build the apk, it points automatically to my first phonegap login. Looks like Mendix had stored that in my Mendix account. So question is: how can I build multiple apps/apk using Adobe phonegap? Or… how can I switch phonegap id/login? TIA
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Hi Rene, you need to sign out of adobe and sign in with another account. Another option is to delete the app from adobe.