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Greetings. Im currently working on testing capabiletios for hybrid offline apps and a face two issues:   1.When i build an Android app using phone gap with Enable offline capabilities? – YES  When i install an .apk on my Xiaomi device it always uses an offline navigation profile independently do i have internet connection or not. If Enable offline capabilities? – NO it always uses an online navigation profile if i have a connection or throw an error if not. What is the issue?   2.Tried to test app using Mendix Developer App with Use offline profile? – YES But still my app will runs only as online profile (tried on both phone Iphone and Android) Whats the issue?
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Hi Pavel,

this is the way how Mendix offline apps are currently working (In Mendix 7 at least).

Youre App cannot be half online, half offline. If you require offline functionality you need to build the whole app as offline capable. This doesn’t mean that there are no ways to pull life data in an offline app, but it works quite differently.

With your second issue I’m not sure what happens there. Are you using the older ‘Mendix Developer App’ or the new one, which is just namend ‘Mendix’? I think you should be using the new one.

regards, Fabian


Hi Pavels,

Some time ago i have same trouble like you. From my experience i know:

  1.     Hybrid mobile app in mendix durning run time don’t check internet connection, when you want create application working offline you must have all logic based on offline navigation profile. Chosing this way require creating most of data managment logic inside after commit action and making change inside widgets. Additionaly when you Not enable offline capabilities is still possible go in offline profile, but this is one way ticket

So, Enabling/Disabling offline capabilities is choosing what navigation profile will open on start application. From online profile you can open offline pages, but there is no easy way to comeback online.

Mendix 8 allow us to create native mobile apps, this applications is react based, and from the start they have javascript actions that allow check not only avability of connection, but even a type. I belive changes what come with offical mendix 8 will allow us to create truly offline mobile app