Mobile offline - custom logic of data retrieval for DataView

Hello. We are planning to build an offline mobile application, comparing to online it have multiple limitations.   Since we cannot use Nanoflow to be a data source to Data view. How to be with that if in case of our app complexity we must to use our custom logic in nanoflow to retrieve object for Data view? For example we have multiple different DataViews on page, one we can pass by context, and retrieve it in nanoflow which one will open the page, but what to do with others? For ListView we can use Nanoflow as DS but, not for Dataview.   Thank you in advance.
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Hi Pavels,

One of simplest solution is create non persistable object in nanoflow used for page open. Associate this object with every entity you need to display, use data view with this object on whole page, after that add nested dataview with source context for every entity you need to display. Using association you can display everything you need