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Hello community, We are currently developing an application for an extensive group of employees located on various sites.  That application should be able to recieve notifactions. Since the people are just from our company we want to prevent ourselves from putting the application in the Apple and Google app stores because of their (and our internal) extensive requirements for that. As an alternative we are seeking for using an email server to send emails with links to the web-based Mendix application planning to forward parameters with these links to the consignees.  However, do you know any Mendix-based alternative for using notification functionalities? Most employees use Apple phones. As far as I know it’s not possible to put an application outside of the Apple environment on the phone. And for me, it also seems not be practical to provide the few Android users the app as a file for local installation.  Thank you for your support.  Best regards, Robert
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Hi Robert,

We are using the REST based SMS service from Nexmo as kind of push-notifications. Supereasy to integrate. They also provide an interface for facebook messenger and whatsapp that we’re looking into. https://developer.nexmo.com/api

As an example: this is how simple the send sms service works….



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