Custom splash screens and icons not working for mobile app

Hi   I’ve created a mobile app and want to add custom icons and splash screens. I added these png files in the Mendix cloud platform and clicked ‘Publish for Mobile App Stores’. I then chose the option to build the app myself since I have to make some custom changes for the login. All of the png files are present in root\src\resources\android and root\src\resources\ios. Next I use the command ‘npm run package’ to build the app.  I now check the png files in root\build\res\android and root\build\res\ios and they are all replaced by the default Mendix icons and splash screens.   Can anyone help me with this issue?
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not really a solution here. But I noticed that for me this also happens sometimes (but more or less randomly it seems). When I rerun the build, the icons are back again correctly. Maybe just try again.