PhoneGap apk version code

Hi there, We don’t use to specify version code in the phonegap config.xml. If I have specified the version as 1.0.8, the apk file used to have the version code as 100082. I build a new version 1.0.9 for our release and in the new apk the version code is 10009. This is lower than the previous apk version code. Due to this google is not letting me promote the build.  I tried giving the versionCode explicitly in the config.xml. But still the apk versioncode is 10009. Has anyone come across this ? Appreciate any input on this.  
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Hi Vinod, you need to add the android-versionCode to the config.xml, i.e.

<widget xmlns = ""
        xmlns:gap = ""
        id        = "{{identifier}}"
        version   = "{{version}}" 
        android-versionCode = "{{android-versionCode}}" >