Clickable container with link not working on iOS devices

Hi   I have an iOS app which features a menu. One of the menu items is a link the a website. The url behind the link is initialized in an attribute and is clickable via a clickable container widget.   The link works fine on desktop and Android devices. But it doesn’t seem to open the website on iOS devices. Can this be a permissions problem? Does anyone have the same problem or know a solution?   Kind regards
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I’m the widget author. Can you try making the Clickable Container widget trigger another type of action (for example a microflow)?. I think the iOS browser might not be firing the browser ‘click’ events that the widget registers. If it doesn’t work, then that’s definitely the issue and something I can look into.


are you using atlas layout?

we’ve had issues with certain elements rendering behind other elements, also only on iOS.

we rebuilt the layouts and this fixed our issues.

(I can send you our layout + css if you want, DM me, or find me on the slack channel)