native mobile app QR code doesnt work

Hi Mendix team,  I downloaded Mendix 8 and trying to create native app using your description / paper.  I have issue with scanning QR code. I have: Created ny native app, Run it locallly,  Creating defult db,  and now i just whant to scan QR code But  i cant it doent work, message i get is  “The URL provider doesnt not point to valid Mendix app” .  My pc and my phone running on the same network. My colleague has the same issue.  Is there something we havent check?   Best regards Agnese    
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You need to turn off the firewall on your PC. If it's a company PC, I believe it's McAfee. You need to disable it temporarily to allow the phone connect to the port 8082. You can also contact your IT department to ask them allow the port 8082 on your PC open to other devices in the same network.



Hi Agnese !

- Can you make sure you are not running Mendix in virtual machine inside of your pc ? Because virtual machine’s IP will be different then what its suppose to be. Which will result on bad 

- Can you manually put your IP to the url section like “yourIP:8080”  to see if its working ? 

- Can you tick the “Clear Data” and try to load again ?

- In firefox, can you try to load “yourIP:8080/n/index.bundle?platform=ios” or “yourIP:8080/n/index.bundle?platform=android” to see if the bundle is ready ? When you see the code, you can try to load the app. 

The initial bundle load usually takes a bit of time in order to heat-up / compile and load the native files.

Let me know how it goes.

Mehmet Ali 


Hi Mehmet Ali,


No i do not run in virtual machine,

yourIP:8080 – doesnt work,

Clear data tick – have done it

In firefox, can you try to load “yourIP:8080/n/index.bundle?platform=ios -Done it doesnt work (unable to connect)

The previos applications we just could scan without any problems but the native one doesnt work.

I also trued from home, just to if i could open it but the result was the same.

Best regards








Hi Agnese,

Did you use the Mendix "Make It Native" App to test it, or did you try to test the native app with the normal Mendix "Developer App" like I did with the same error result?


Dear Agnese,

Have you checked whether you are on the same network? For me it didn't work initially, until I turned off my VPN, so you might give that a try as well.


Best regards,