Mendix 8 Native app: Javascript Action wont fire

I’ve followed the advanced tutorial on creating a javascript action that searches for users in Github. Modified it to speak to a REST endpoint I have running locally in a separate Mendix app. Tested from a responsive web page within a nanoflow and it works fine, returns the expected data. When I add the action to a nanoflow in a native app the nanoflow completes but it doesn’t fire the javascript action (the nanoflow is connected to the ‘scan detected’ event of the built in barcode scanner widget. I’ve got the react debugging tools switched on and I can see the log messages from the nanoflow displayed, but none of the console.log entries in the javascript action appear – it’s like the javascript action is being completely bypassed. Any ideas?
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Dear Mark,

Not all web API’s are available in the React Native client, tough fetch could be

Did you try a most basic action to see if it runs? Do the action run from ?

Can you share the code so we can have a look?

Sheers, Andries


Hey Andries,

How should I share the code?

And do you just want me to share the javascript, or do you want to see the containing Nanoflow too?