Playing audio / video in an offline mobile app

Hi Community I wonder what I need to do to play audio / video files in an offline mobile app?  How do I store the audio / video files resp how do I get these files into the app? Thanks a lot for any pointers / help. Best, Willfried
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Hi Willfried,

Files could be store in object which inherits form System.FileDocument; Those files can be used in the app, as they will be synchronized. Though take in account, that the file transfer are incremental, based on change date. Big files will make synchronization slow. Please consider using external services for hosting video (and audio) content, and use URLs link to them

The Native package contains a video player, and play audio JavaScript actions.

Also for the web there are some options too

Cheers, Andries




Are you guys aware of any real-time option, to capture a video stream from a camera/url like rtsp://174.141.XXX.YYY:554 ?

It seems the widget you suggested for the web doesn’t do it.