Offline mobile app: loop over certain period of time

Hi community I am looking for a solution to the following task. User hits button A loop runs over fixed period of minutes, e.g. 10 minutes A sound is played every 15 seconds   Any idea how to do this? Thanks for your help, Willfried  
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If use the latest version of Mendix you could do something like:

  1. Create a nanoflow button
  2. In this nanoflow create a variable with the current date time
  3. Create a decimal variable that checks seconds between(function secondsBetween) your first variable and the current date time and check the seconds between is 15 or a modulo of 15, if true play a sound
  4. I think creating a javascript action is best to play a sound, else take a look at:
  5. If the seconds between is not 15, return to step 3(this way creating a manual loop) maybe add a delay in this process with a javascript action.
  6. As an addition check  after step 3 if the minutes between equals 10 of higher, if this is the case stop the nanoflow.