Pre-populate a database with audio snippets (mp3) and play snippets in random order?

Hi Community Programming an offline mobile app, I’d like to pre-populate a database with audio-snippets  (mp3). How do I do this? I’d like to randomly select an audio snippet from the database and play it. How to do that?   Thanks for your help, Willfried    
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  1. The files need to be uploaded trough the Mendix runtime.
    For convenience you could use the dropzone widget to upload files quickly. (
  2. To randomly select a file you could create a microflow with a random function (see in a create variable activity.
    Then use this variable in the retrieve from database action as the offset, making sure that the offset is not higher than the number of files (records available)
    Then to play the file read through this forum post: and/or this one


Hope this helps in finding a solution for your requirement.