SSO in React Native app

Hi guys, I would like to use SSO in our Mendix React Native apps, like we did with the hybrid apps in the past. Does anyone has experience with SSO and a React Native app?
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Hey Raj,

I didn’t have much time yet to look into the issue, but I currently have a 95% working version with the help of Danny Roest (Mendix).

It’s a native widget that uses a WebView component. The login process via sso is working but the first time the users logs in, the WebView does not disappear (like the Hybrid version does), so that’s not a nice user experience. After reopening the app the user is logged in, so the mechanism with saving the token does work.

I can send you the partial ready code or I can try to finish the app next week and then share it with you if you want.


Hi Armando,

I also have same requirement, Are able to figure out how  we can implement SSO for Native apps?


Appreciate your response.



It’s been a while, but with help of Mendix and finally having some free time, I have the SSO in Native working. 

It is using the same mechanism of storing the token after logging in with SSO and retrieving and storing the token in the Mendix native app.


Good Day Armando,

Have you generated any docs with regards to this solution? And is it possible to, as majority of the other comments have requested, have this solution shared with me?

I would gladly appreciate it.