Can’t find variable: RNSecureKeyStore

Hi, I am developing a native mobile app (with Mendix Studio Pro 8.0.0), there I am trying to access the key store (Using “react-native-secure-key-store”) for storing user-credentials.  I have created JavaScript action with following code and I am calling that action in one of the nanoflow. function CredKeyStore_action(username) {     // BEGIN USER CODE     RNSecureKeyStore.set("username", "username", {accessible: ACCESSIBLE.ALWAYS_THIS_DEVICE_ONLY})     .then((res) => {         console.log(res);     }, (err) => {         console.log(err);     });         // END USER CODE } With Above code I am getting ERROR : “Can’t find variable: RNSecureKeyStore” Note: I have installed “react-native-secure-key-store” under folder “~/modeler/tools/node/node_modules/react-native-secure-key-store”. Also added entry for “react-native-secure-key-store” in metro.config.json.template file.   I am not sure, if I am doing it right, as I am new to Mendix. Please help me to fix the same. Thank you so much in Advance.
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