Removing UIWebView from hybrid app!

Hello everyone!  I've spend most of today trying to figure out if our hybrid app still uses UIWebView. Its deprecated by Apple and our log-in service uses an in-app browser. So having a working web browser is paramount for our app ;) Especially with IOS 13 around the corner.  I did come across the config file that showed WKWebview, the new in app browser. But is there a chance UIWebView is still running somewhere?  I found this whole cordova, command prompt style build process very confusing! :P I took this over from someone who's an expert at this stuff. So I’m still trying to grasp the concept.   
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Hi Jan, your screenshot shows the WKWebview plugin is configured to be used in the hybrid app. An easy way to verify that WKWebView has been installed on iOS is to check if window.indexedDB exists, see