Native app non-persistable entities retrieve by association not working

Hi, I tried to build native app with 2 non-persistable entities connected by 1-many association working as page context and list. I’ve built listview with nanoflow datasource in which I retrieve objects by association from context object. The problem is, the retrieve is not working at all. Logs before and after the actions show that nanoflow is triggered but does not complete the retrieve action.  The same occurs on Hybrid Offline app. Is this a bug or you can’t use non-persistable objects in offline apps?
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Are you sure the objects you're trying to retrieve are properly made and/or the reference between the 2 entities is set correctly? (You can check whether an ID is shown on the association on your input object from which you are trying the retrieve)

Also, does the user you're using have read rights on the association and the entity you're trying to retrieve?