Mendix 8.1 Native APK hangs at Starting App...

Created in Mendix Studio Pro 8.1 Built with PhoneGap using the portal (team server). Downloaded APK and could install it on an Android phone (tested on Galaxy S8 and Huawei P20 Pro) App starts and downloads latest version + optimizes for phone Then it hangs at the “Starting App...” screen What should I look for to fix this? I already found an older question where the answer was to check ‘Static’ runtime. I guess that would also mean you need to build every new version but I can't find that setting. -- additional info (update) -- I enabled offline capabilities (checkbox under profile settings) before because we want to be able to make offline apps too. When I unchecked it, the app doesn't hang.
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Hi Ben, when that happends, I tend to try clearing the app data or re-installing it on the device.