Video not work on Hybrid App

Hi everybody, I have a few days on this and I can’t understand why doesn’t work, I make the integration of OpenTok with my mendix Project, all works great on the browser version, so I can make Video calls without any issue, but when I try to run the same functionality on the hybrid app  (running inside of Mendix Mobile App) from my iphone or Android device I have a issue: When the call start I only see a black layer with the video icon like a video frame, but never work with the phone camera, So I was thinking maybe is the app doesn’t have Opentok plugin, so I download the source from phonegap and install the opentok cordova plugin and doesn’t work too. Well I hope you can help me with this issue. Thanks for your support
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Hi Carlos, did you add the OpenTok URL to the whitelist policy of your hybrid app configuration? Cordova provides a configurable security policy to define which external sites may be accessed.