Tokens for Native Builder

To try and get unlimited build hours in App Center, the customer has created an account for me and added me to their organization on both GitHub and App Center. But when I run the Native Builder command, whether it's with the customer administrator's tokens or with my own tokens, App Center still takes the minutes out of the free plan. How to create the tokens for the Native Builder command so that it works on the organization's paid plan? 
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Hi Frederic, I’ve also exceeded the amount of time on app center.
But don’t worry! You can manually install your app on your device.
If you want to test on a physical Android device, repeat these steps:

1. Download your latest branch you just created with the native-builder.
2. Extract the folder and run npm install.
3. run ‘react-native run-android’ in the same folder

Tadaa, your app running on your device for testing without the appcenter.



Hi Frederic, more in-depth explanation:

The native-builder does create a branch on your Github repo (as explained in the steps):

So what I’m saying is, al the steps above are working for you but you exceeded your app center build time. So, you can just download your latest branch from Github (your last version of the app) and do the steps as explained above.

You basicly run your react-native app on your device manually instead of app center creating an apk of your application.