User password change on native mobile

Hello, Is there a simpel way for user to change their password on native mobile? The responsive version has a microflow that contains actions which are not allowed in nanoflows, recreating the same microflow as a nanoflow is not possible. These are VerifyPassword (Java Action) and Delete accountpassword data (although that can be remedied by setting it blank). Any help is welcome!
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Hi Rick,

I have stumbled on the same problem but I have managed to overcome it.

My solution is to use a helper entity which contains same attributes as AccountPasswordData and additional attribute “UserName” .

When the user wants to change the password the nanoflow sets the “UserName” attribute and the rest is filled by user itself. Commit and sync the object.

On the helper entity a “Before Commit” Event is triggered in which you can use JavaAction (VerifyPassword).
I hope this helps you.