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Hi,  I asked a few colleagues to test an app I built (Mendix 8.3), I am running it online and shared the QR code so they can view it using the Mendix Developer App, however for most of them the barcode is not recognized and the app does not load.  Is the Mendix Developer app still supported? I see on the Apple App Store that it has not been updated in 2 years. Is there an alternative? I know one is to run directly in the browser and this works but we would like to show the hybrid capability. I see there is the new Make It Native app, could this work? Or does it only wok for local testing? Thank you, Sebastien
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Short answer: yes.

The “Make it Native” app is kind of the V8 version of the Mendix Developer App. Go ahead and try it out.

What are the differences between Native and Hybrid. Native uses React Native, where Hybrid uses React. And with Native you have easy access to all kinds of platform-specific features like camera.