Data retrieval in native app

Hi everyone,   I’m trying to build a native ordering app as a demo. Everything works well enough, so now I wanted to try and build in a button that can open & close the ordering process. A user with role Delivery (for example) can open & close the ordering process (which is stored as boolean attribute of the Order entity) after which the ordering users (with different user role) can no longer place orders. This works just perfectly in the web view, but not  in a native app: for some reason, the Order object that contains the Boolean just isn’t retrieved in my native app. Below you can see the nanoflow I built to specifically check whether Ordering is open (is activated by a button on the native home page). When called in the Native app, it returns ‘Order not found’, even though I just activated the ‘stop ordering’ process which automatically creates an Order object via nanoflow (and works in web view). TL;DR: why doesn’t the native app retrieve my Order object (it does work in responsive view)?
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Figured it out: had the Order entity in Sync Configuration (navigation – native profile) set to ‘nothing’ -.-