Mendix Native Mobile Offline Use

When creating an app with Mendix Native Mobile does it have to be connected to the internet or any Mendix server? The documentation says that Native Mobile apps are offline first and don’t require an internet connection. However, the Platform Evaluation Guide says, “A Mendix native mobile app connects to the Mendix Runtime server in order to load. This acts as a mobile-back-end-as-a-service (mBaaS) for the app, wherein the communication is automatically handled by Mendix. The mobile app automatically loads everything that is needed at startup and for later usage.” So does it need a connection to load the first time, but subsequent times can be offline or can you use it without ever connecting to the internet?
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Indeed you need an connection to load the objects you want to be able to use when there is no connection. In theory you could create an app without ever have the internet but what is the use of that? Offline first means that you develop your app so that the user can still do its thing even though there is no internet connection. It will synchronize with the backend once connection has been re-established.