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Hi  im using  hybrid mobile app ,when generate apk file and in install it on android device  i have an issue on pdf viewer i'm unable to see any pdf file  in mobile  the widget  im using it is file document viewer . note : it is working on mobile app emulator in browser  and it is working on mendix developer scanning application see the error attached 
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Short answer: If you want to view a PDF in a hybrid app, you might simply use the “download” activity in a microflow and let the device’s operating system open your file.

Long answer:

I think this is happening because of a limitation in the current widget. The widget leverages the PDF.js library, and it doesn’t like when your HTML page and the PDF document are not hosted at the same URL.

In the case of a hybrid app, your HTML page lives on the device itself, while the document lives on the Mendix server. Because there’s a mismatch, you get the error here.

I found this related discussion about the PDF.js module that the document view widget uses. It’s also an open issue on the widget itself.