Mendix 7 hybrid mobile app: optimizing for device, takes minutes on some devices

We recently moved from Mx 6 to 7 and updated our hybrid app to the latest Hybrid app template (  With the new app, everytime we restart our server or deploy a new version, the app does some ‘optimizing for device’ on startup. Our users are complaning that this is taking 1-3 minutes on some devices (especially iPhone/iPad as it seems). I tested it on an iPad and it took at least 2 minutes on the iPad I have over here as well. It's not the newest iPad, but still.  What is this new ‘optimizing’ and what can be done to increase the speed? We do regular software updates (1-2 times a week, so it's quite frustrating for our users to have to wait a couple minutes before they can use the app after each update). 
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