When to make a new native build

I was wondering what the criteria are to make a new native build with the native builder. With the hybrid process, one build was sufficient and it updated when you deployed a new revision. But with the native builder, it's no longer the same and I'm not sure whether we need to make a new build with EVERY new revision or just with some new revisions. 1. When the revision has no changes to the native profile, no new build is necessary, is that correct? 2. When the revision has only changes to nanoflows and no changes to pages, do we need a new build? 3. When the revision has changes to native pages, we ALWAYS need a new build, is that the case? Thank you! 
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A general rule of thumb is that you will need to make a new build for any client-specific change. Such are:

  • Style changes
  • Changes to static images, text, or other static assets
  • Layout changes
  • Nanoflow changes
  • JavaScript action changes
  • Widgets shipped with Mendix added or removed
  • A new custom Javascript-only widget or module was added
  • A new native module was added to the native template to accommodate a new widget or JS action *


With 8.4 we officially introduced OTA. If you can make use of it for your project; you will not have to do a full Appstore or Google Play release for the aforementioned cases (except for the *), but you could just push a new update to be installed in the next restart of the app. You can find more info here.