Unable to launch Native Mobile Development into my mobile

I am using Mendix 8.4.2 and Xiaomi Mi A1 & Galaxy A5. I followed the instructions in the training path “Build a Native Mobile Inspection App”, in 4.1.1 section: “Testing Your Mobile App” –  my computer and cellphone(s) are on same home wifi, when opening the app I got red error screen – see below. However, the same works on BlueStacks.. Error: Could not connect to development server. Try the following to fix the issue: • Ensure that the packager server is running • Ensure that your device/emulator is connected to your machine and has USB debugging enabled - run 'adb devices' to see a list of connected devices • Ensure Airplane Mode is disabled • If you're on a physical device connected to the same machine, run 'adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081 ' to forward requests from your device • If your device is on the same Wi-Fi network, set 'Debug server host & port for device' in 'Dev settings' to your machine's IP address and the port of the local dev server - e.g. URL: ?platform=android&dev=true&minify=false onFai1ure BundleDown10ader . java : 146 execute Rea ICal 1. java : 215 run NamedRunnab1e . java : 32 DISMISS RELOAD (ESC) COPY
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Are you using Mendix Make it Native app to view your app on mobile?

Make sure your mobile and computer is on same Wi-Fi network before running project in Mendix and launching Make it Native app on mobile. Once on same network, run the project and open Make it Native app to scan QR code for native view.

If still red error screen appears, try turning off firewall and realtime protection/scanning of antivirus. Then run the project again. This worked for me.