Native app builder - lots of builds generated with --prepare command

Hello, When I run the native-builder.exe prepare command with a few parameters it creates a lot of seperate builds on AppCenter for it. Last time I used it I added 2 icons and a splash screen resulting in over 50 different builds being made, each taking 4 tot 5 minutes. As a result i'm through the free build time of 4 hours in 1 or 2 builds like this. I know you don't need to run the prepare command each time, the icons where added to the prepare command because the build command ignored them. When I run the build command it still adds a few builds to the master, which is weird. What I would like to know: - Am I doing something wrong that generates this many builds? Besides taking very long to process it eats up all the free time on AppCenter, I'm doing an internship so paying for it is not the ideal solution. - Is this behaviour normal? Each icon resolution and splashscreen resolution result in a (so it seems) full rebuild because they all take 4 – 5 minutes each, a manual rebuild also takes 4 – 5 minutes. - Why is the keystore information overridden? Now I need to manualy build it again after adding the keystore back in. - Is anyone having the same issue/problem? Below a screenshot of a few builds that AppCenter gets or creates when i added the icons and splashscreen. Used parameters on prepare: --Project-name --Java-home --Project-path --mxbuild-path --Github-access-token --Appcenter-api-token --Appcenter-organization --App-name --App-identifier --App-icon-path --App-round-icon-path --App-splash-screen-path Build command parameters: --project-name --build-number --app-version
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Take a look at mine prepare command.

I am doing pretty much the same except I left the icons and the splash screen out.

To save build time on AppCenter use --platform android or --platform ios.

native-builder.exe prepare 
--java-home "C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-" 
--mxbuild-path "C:\Program Files\Mendix\\modeler\mxbuild.exe" 
--project-path "C:\Users\Contacts\Contacts.mpr" 
--github-access-token "XYZ" 
--appcenter-api-token "ZZZ" 
--project-name "Contacts Native" 
--app-name "Contacts Native" 
--app-identifier "com.mendix.contactsnative" 
--runtime-url "" 
--mendix-version "8.7.0" 
--platform android