Facing some issues while signup as a anonymous user in the native Application.

Have created a login page for Native application ,using the Mxadmin credentials logged in succesfully ,while creating a signup page as recommended by the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5jiPE8Vlsw  they called a microflow inside the nanoflow, while am trying to replicate that,  getting error message for using microflow inside the nanoflow which are accessible through the native profile. So I used the New Account microflow ,Save New Account microflow of the Admin module(Instead of the Signup Microflow which is created in the video), atlast  getting a error like login not possible , because there is no user role assigned , I tried to set  the userrole which is already available in the account new edit page but using the references set selector inside the native layout is not possible,also getting error like unable to commit object . Anyone please help me out to fix this issue.
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Im not sure if this is going to work, but since nobody answered yet…
Maybe you should do the following:
- In a your microflow or nanoflow, retrieve a list of userroles, put a xpath so only the user role ‘user’ gets retrieved and set it property “Range” to first (this was you get an object). Then you can use this role and link it to your account.

→ An anonymous user shouldn’t be able to select his own role.