“Sign in Failed” message on hybrid mobile app

I noticed that occasionally when I try to log in using our hybrid mobile app I receive a “Sign in Failed” message on the login screen, but when I review our application’s log messages, it says “Login is OK” for the user, but I can’t move past the log in screen.  A screenshot of the message is shown.  I looked up the “Sign in Failed” failed message in the modeler and it is under the System Texts, according to the System Text page, this message is shown when there is a generic sign in error.  I cannot determine what the generic sign in error could be when the log messages indicate that the user has signed in successfully.  We are using version 7.23.7, has anyone else encountered this issue, if so, how did you resolve it?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you. 
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Hi Monique, I haven't seen this issue before. I would recommend upgrading to at least 7.23.8, because it contains fixes for iOS  when the keyboard does not appear when clicking an input field. Very annoying if you want to sign in.

What was the last time you built your mobile app? Edit: because there have been some updates in the hybrid template lately see https://docs.mendix.com/releasenotes/mobile/hybrid-app