adding libraries through npm commands

I want to  add libraries through npm command to my project folder in order to use them in my native app  now i successfully installed library  “react-native-responsive-screen” and i imported it in custom.js and i could use it  my problem is when i commit to repo and my colleagues tried to update and run the app through the “ Make it Native  “ an error msg poped up and it says “react-native-responsive-screen”is missing 
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You should include the react-native-responsive-screen folder in one of two places:

  • theme/styles/native/lib/
  • javascriptsource/<some module>/lib/


Then update any code where you import this library accordingly. Since this library looks to be used for styling vs. in a JS action, it sounds like it belongs in the theme folder.

I suspect that long-term, we’ll see a more platform-standard way to import libraries for native apps.