Native Builder and Azure DevOps

Hey guys, I was just wondering if it was possible to use AzureDevOps instead of Github as the repository source for the native builder process?
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There is not direct, automated support in the Native Builder tool for Azure DevOps instead of GitHub. I suggest adding it to the idea forum!

In the meantime, here’s a high-level guide for building native apps without GitHub:

  1. Clone the code in the Mendix Native Template repository. Store this locally or in any code repo you prefer.
  2. Locally, run the installation commands to set up the template, as described in section 2.1 of the README
  3. Generate app bundles from Studio Pro as described in section 2.8 of the native builder tool guide.
  4. Copy the generated files from Studio Pro (bundles folder in your project directory) into your template. Section 2.2 of theREADME document in the template repo describes where to copy the bundle files and assets. (NOTE: the readme specifies using MxBuild.exe to create the bundles. You can do this but the official approach is now to use the native builder as above)
  5. You can now open Android project in Android Studio and iOS projects in XCode as covered in the README.
  6. Set the URL of your Mendix server appropriately. They should be set in the following locations
    1. /ios/config
    2. /android/app/src/main/res/raw/runtime_url


At that point, you should be able to run/build the app from Android Studio and XCode.


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