Error message/handling when theres no internet connection

Hey guys, We are working on a hybrid phone app (not native) and we want to be able to let our users know when for example there is simply no data for them or data was failed to retrieve due to one of the core systems being down, which we have simplified by checking whether the REST call returns an error (display: no connection) or whether the result of the call is empty (display: no data).  While testing, locally everything seems fine. When I turn off my internet, the app simply displays the “no connection” icon, all is well. However, in our Test environment, the app immediately returns an error: It makes sense to me that when I run the app locally, it won't need an internet connection for my pages and logic and such, and will only fail when I indeed attempt to make a call that requires internet connection, whereas my app running in the cloud always needs that connection. My question here is if it's possible to avoid this popup error message when the used device has no internet connection, without having to switch to native mobile/offline app?
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If you are trying to call the REST service from a microflow this will not be possible as the microflow will be executed on the server side. Switching this REST call to a nanoflow might give you the options that you want as this is executed client side.