cannot initialize app

Hi, all. I am develping a hybrid applicaiton in Studio pro. I want to test the app in my phone and with the backend running on my PC now all the codes are commit to team server and I am using the develper portal to build the application package.  I choose to build the package myself, so I choose the sandbox environment, and  then download the package. I unzip the package and find the zip file inside the dist folder. I unzip it too and enter the phonegap folder. I do know I need to modify the URL that the app needs to connect to, so I point the url to my PC's IP like this in .\dist\phonegap\www\settings.json file: {   "url": "",   "enableOffline": false,   "requirePin": false,   "updateAsync": false,   "username": "",   "password": "" } then I package the folder again, and upload to phonegap to build an APK file. Then I have my PC backend running, and install the application on my phone too. Then I open the application, it just says "canno initialize the app" Do I misll something?? Please be kind to help with this. Thanks  Regards Andes
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I have the same issue these days.