Architecture Question

My intent is to write a mobile app that will pull information from a DB that runs locally in a VM hosted on my computer, where I run Mendix Studio Pro. I expect I’ll have to deploy the app “somewhere” and install it on my mobile. The VM where I host my DB might be offline from time to time – remember it’s running off my laptop, right? I’d plan to make a temporary datastore to sync contents back to “the mothership” when the DB is back in availability. Q1: Can I have a ‘private’ app library, from which only me (or 1-2 users) can download contents? Q2: Does Mendix support offline data capture, as per the 2nd paragraph, so reconciliation can happen when the DB becomes available? Q3: Do I need to deploy the code on the Team Server (and on a Tenant hosted by Mendix “somewhere”) or can it run off my computer, once I run it locally? Thanks all for your collaboration.
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Q1: Yes, but not on the Mendix Team server. You can freely create any new app from Studio Pro, select to not upload it to the Team server and use Github for sharing its codebase with other developers.

Q2: Yes. It comes standard in native mobile apps.

Q3: No, but you will need to be in the same domain for it to work. There is probably a way to get passed that too, but I do not know how.