Hybrid Phonegap app iOS & Android feels slow when clicking on a page or microflow button

Hello, We use Mendix 8.7 and we run an application in the Mendix Cloud on an XL container. On a laptop or phone in the browser everything works very fast with a quick reponse when we click on a menu item or other button. But when we test the application in the Hybrid Phonegap app on an iPhone or Android device, every click seems to react with a little delay. Could this be caused by something called ‘click delay’? I saw this on the internet about this issue: “When beginning mobile development, you may notice that your app feels sluggish when tapping UI elements on the screen. This is due to a y caused by mobile web browsers supporting a double tap to zoom event. Once the first tap is interpreted, the browser waits 300ms for a 2nd tap to determine if the user is trying to zoom. This handling was implemented in the browsers long before Responsive Design and pinch to zoom were a thing, and though it's being handled now in some browsers, it's not across the board and still needs to be handled” Does someone know how we can disable this delay on our hybrid app? Do we have to change or add something in the config.xml? When we need do add some javascript in the index.html (or somewhere else) please let me know if this is the index.html file of the phonegap folder or just my Mendix app project folder :-) I already tried to remove the mobile features widget but that didn’t solve the issue. Thanks for your help
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