Native-builder prepare command doesnt work any more

Hi, I'm trying to build a new version of my android native app (app-center and github tokens all set up, worked perfect 3 weeks ago), but my prepare only shows the Native Builder logo and those lines and then immediately (no time out issue) exits without error: [github] Verifying access token... [github] Access token valid for <GitHubUsername> [github] Retrieving repository <GitHubUsername>/<AppName>... [github] Skipped creation of repository <AppName> as it already exists [github] Retrieving Native Template version for latest   I tried to use build without prepare, adding (almost) all the arguments of prepare. It builds the mda locally, but when it comes github I get the same 5 lines and then it exits. Github notices some activity but I see no changes since 3 weeks. Upgraded from 8.6.0 to 8.8.0 didn't help.  Anyone has had this too?
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