Announcement: Native Mobile Upcoming Breaking Changes in Mendix Version 8.9.0

Hi all, With Mendix version 8.9.0, we plan to roll out a more significant upgrade of the underlying technology layer by upgrading React Native to version 0.61 and by upgrading all native libraries to their most recent versions. This will improve the capabilities, quality, and stability of native mobile apps built with Mendix. These upgrades come with significant consequences for existing users, which we would like to prepare you for in advance. We did not take this decision lightly, but we feel that these upgrades are essential to keep our third-party dependencies as up-to-date as possible. Make It Native The Make It Native app is always compatible with the latest version of Mendix. Due to the changes in native libraries, the version of Make It Native that we will release alongside the release of Studio Pro 8.9.0 will not be compatible with older Studio Pro versions. We advise you to upgrade your app project to Studio Pro version 8.9.0 when it is released as the easiest solution to the upgrades. If you cannot upgrade your app project to 8.9.0, the following options will be available: For Android, we will provide a special Make It Native app version that you can use with Studio Pro version 8.8. You can create a custom developer app for your project by following How to Create a Custom Developer App. We will release separate documentation on these optional approaches to help you make your transition as smooth as possible. As part of this upgrade, several third-party dependencies will be updated in order to keep them compatible with React Native version 0.61. In most cases, the APIs of these libraries will remain unchanged. However, all widgets and JavaScript actions that rely on third-party dependencies should be tested against Studio Pro 8.9.0 once it is available. AsyncStorage The storage location of AsyncStorage on iOS will be moved to Application Support. If your widget or JavaScript action uses AsyncStorage (imported from react-native-community/async-storage), then this change does not affect the workings of your app, and any data found in the old location is copied to the new location. However, some widgets and JavaScript actions still import AsyncStorage from the React Native core library. We strongly urge all maintainers of such JavaScript actions and widgets to start using react-native-community/async-storage instead, as it might not be possible to migrate your data from the old location to the new location later. This was also shared in the release notes of Mendix 8.8
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