Native mobile styling cant inspect button icon

I am new to native styling and am trying to set an icon right on a button. I have this so far and it is working: export const btnIconRight = {   container: {       flexDirection: "row-reverse",   },   icon: {       marginRight: 0,       marginLeft: 7,   } }; The margins are pure guesses to get the icon in a good spot, but I have a feeling it can be better. But I struggled with the icon, because it has a padding or margin right, and I just guessed it, but I can't seem to inspect the icon. Every time I touch the icon I get the container or the caption. Has anyone figured it out yet?   Thanks in advance.
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Possible solution:

Debugging Your Styling

With the Make It Native app, you can examine your styling and the structure of your pages. This makes it easier to debug, test, and inspect styling. Inspect and debug your styling by doing the following:

  1. Install the LTS of node.js.
  2. Open your command line interface (CLI).
  3. Run npm i -g react-devtools@3 to install the React developer tools.
  4. Run react-devtools.

After running react-devtools you will see the React developer tools GUI. To use the tools to debug your styling, do the following:

  1. Open your app in the Make It Native app with Enable dev mode selected.
  2. When running your app, shake your device to open developer settings.
  3. Tap Toggle Element Inspector to start inspecting.
  4. Tap any styled element in your app (like a text element) to see its style information on your device and inspect and debug it in your React developer tools GUI.
  5. Shake your device and tap Toggle Element Inspector to turn off the inspector off.